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Helpful Links to Credible Pet-Related Information

We know that our clients use the Internet to find helpful information about caring for their pets. However, easily accessible information is not always accurate and credible. That’s why we’re happy to direct you to information that comes straight from credible sources. It’s very easy for just about anyone to post untested information on the internet that could, in fact, be harmful for your pet. Therefore, we have put together a list of websites that we know and trust. Also, be sure to come to us first if you have questions about your pet’s health. We’re here to help you, and we enjoy educating our clients!

Medical Care

The Indoor Pet Initiative – Courtesy of the Ohio State University, the Indoor Pet Initiative helps pet parents provide the best care for their indoor companions.

Cornell Feline Health Center – The Cornell Feline Health Center is dedicated to advancing research in feline medicine and improving feline welfare with scientific breakthroughs.

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine – Offers extensive information about internal medicine and health care for pets. Includes various articles, media, and other resources to help pet parents understand their companions’ needs.

Pet Health Network – The Pet Health Network is an invaluable source of important information about dogs, cats, and exotic pets, animal diseases, parasites, and much more.

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Dogs and Ticks – Via the Pet Health Network, learn more about ticks, how they spread Lyme disease, and how you can prevent your pet from becoming infected.


The American College of Veterinary Nutrition – Your pet’s nutrition is extremely important. See frequently asked questions, nutrition resources, and more to help you make the best decisions regarding your pet’s diet.


Frostbite in Dogs and Cats - A thick fur coat is not enough to protect your pet from frostbite. Here are some tips for keeping your pet safe and recognizing the telltale signs of frostbite.

Pet Partners - Pet Partners is focused on promoting and advancing the human-animal bond and furthering research on the physical and mental health benefits that result from spending time with animals. For over 40 years, Pet Partners has led the way in offering the first "comprehensive, standardized training in animal-assisted activities and therapy for volunteers and healthcare professionals."

Human-Animal Partnership


Did you know that there are veterinarians with advanced degrees in veterinary behavior? Contact us at (734) 464-6281 for information to help your dog or cat overcome behavioral challenges.

Puppy Training Tips

CattleDog Publishing: The Legacy of Dr. Sophia Yin – Learn about low-stress handling and proper restraint techniques from Dr. Sally Foote DVM, CFBC-IAABC, who is dedicated to carrying on Dr. Yin's legacy of low-stress handling.