Saying Goodbye with Compassion: Cat & Dog Euthanasia for Our Clients

Navigating the end-of-life journey with a cherished pet is a profoundly emotional and challenging experience. Rest assured; you do not have to face it alone. At Levan Road Veterinary Hospital in Livonia, MI, we are fully committed to providing a humane and respectful cat/dog euthanasia service for you and your pet. We invite you to contact us at any time for support and guidance during this difficult time. We are always glad to help.


End-of-Life Services Exclusive to Our Current Clients

Due to the sensitive and personal nature of pet euthanasia, we limit these services to our existing clientele only. This policy allows us to offer a highly personalized level of care, ensuring the well-being of your pet during its final moments.

Offering Pet Cremation & Burial Through Faithful Companion

Levan Road Veterinary Hospital is proud to partner with Faithful Companion to provide dignified communal and private pet cremation options, along with burial. They share our commitment to treating every pet with the utmost respect and ensure a serene final journey for your four-legged family member. You can learn more about this partnership and services offered by visiting

In-Home Euthanasia Referrals

We recognize that some pets are most comfortable in their home environment, especially when they are in their final moments. Often, in-home cat and dog euthanasia services give pets and their families much-needed privacy and peace, making the difficult process of saying goodbye just a little bit easier for all involved.

While our hospital does not personally provide in-home euthanasia services, we are pleased to refer our clients to Crossroads Veterinary Hospice, a wonderful mobile hospice vet that can bring its compassionate team to your home. If you are not a client of our veterinary hospital, we highly recommend Lap of Love for in-home euthanasia and pet hospice services.

If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s quality of life or are ready to discuss euthanasia, give us a call at (734) 464-6281.