5 Signs Your Dog Might Have Dog Allergies in Livonia, MI and How to Treat Them

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up one morning in early spring or fall and realizing your allergies have practically returned overnight. Itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, sore throat. But did you know there is such a thing as dog allergies, too? Their symptoms can be similar to yours but dogs are often better at hiding them. So what are some things you should look for in order to tell if your dog has environmental allergies in Livonia, MI?

Dog Allergies in Livonia, MI

Why is My Dog so Itchy in Livonia, MI?

One of the most common symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs is itchy, irritated skin. If your dog is constantly scratching, chewing at their paws, or has a red, bumpy rash on his stomach, he might have dog allergies. The clinical term for this is pruritis and it is important for your dog to be seen by a vet in Livonia, MI, if you believe they may have allergies. In extreme cases, dogs can make themselves bleed and even need things like antibiotics to treat their skin.

What are Those Bumps All Over My Dog?

As mentioned above, itchy skin can be a symptom of environmental allergies. In some cases, the itching can be due to hives. Hives are essentially welts that develop on the skin due to an allergic reaction. While hives are rare, they can be the product of different kinds of allergies caused by such things as pollen or mold.

Other rashes can also develop due to allergies. If your dog breaks out in bumps, be sure to take them to Levan Road Veterinary Hospital in Livonia, MI.

Why is My Dog Shaking His Head So Much?

Along with itchy skin, allergies can include itchy ears. Often, your dog will continuously scratch at or shake his head. Your dog’s ears naturally have yeast and bacteria in them but an allergy to such things as pollen, dust mites, or mold can cause the yeast and bacteria to multiply beyond the normal level in Livonia, MI. This causes irritation and itchiness. As your dog scratches, their ears can become infected which is often accompanied by a foul odor and discharge.

Why are My Dog’s Eyes Red and Goopy?

Just like you, environmental allergies in Livonia, MI can cause your dog to have itchy, watery eyes. What do you do when your eyes itch, scratch them? Well, of course your dog would be inclined to do the same.

However, most dogs use a foot or piece of furniture to attempt to scratch their eyes. This can introduce infection which causes more irritation, discharge, and redness. The constant rubbing and scratching can cause such ailments as corneal ulcers which are painful and difficult to heal if not caught quick enough.

Dog Allergy Treatment at Our Animal Hospital

If your dog is experiencing any of these signs, it’s likely that they have an allergy. Levan Road Veterinary Hospital in Livonia, MI can help your dog with allergy relief with a variety of treatments:

  • Apoquel – a prescription oral medication that helps control itching, irritation, and inflammation
  • Cytopoint – an injection that provides allergy relief for several weeks
  • Prescription Diets – food for dogs that eliminates the ingredient(s) causing allergies
  • Prescription Shampoos and Sprays – along with weekly baths, we can prescribe special shampoos and sprays to give your dog extra itch relief.

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